The Vegan Club

A private club for vegans to meet and relax in a (finally) cruelty free safe zone. Recipes, life stories, ideas... enter in the Club to find out!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First batch of invitations mailed!

I have finished emailing the first batch of invitations! I am happy even if I am not so sure the invitations presented as comments will be noticed at all! On the other side, I was unable to find everyone's email address and leaving a comment was the only thing I thought of doing.

I already got the first replies and the code will be available soon, when a number of people will have joined both groups!

In the meanwhile, I think I should give some clearer explanation as I know there is some confusion about what people need to do.

First thing first, sorry for the general lack of clarity: I am not a totally techy person and I am also navigating in unknown waters for some of the technical details (I am having problems understanding them: imagine to explain them to others!!!). I will try to do better!

Then I must say that you DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING for us or with us! We are just asking your permission to add your site to a site listing, which will soon become available under the form of a blog roll to anyone to display on their site. You do not need to display such list if you prefer not to, nor you need to link back to this page.
If you would like to present us with anything (artwork, recipe, writing of any kind, blog entry, referral to some cool site so far missed out) original or already published, that would be great! But it is an extra, not a requirement in any way! You must not feel obliged.

We are looking forward building a live community to share ideas, thoughts, addresses, good food. Nothing more, nothing less.

For you to join can be a really good occasion to have a a link to your page appearing from many blogs and sites: you can definitely get some extra exposure this way! For us instead, to have you on the list means to have the most comprehensive selection of vegan listings possible.

Down sides? None I can think of!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Invitation to Join the Vegan Club

Dear friend,
we have been reading your site for a while and now we would like to invite you to join The Vegan Club a just born (it is still a baby!) online community devoted to group together vegans active on the internet from all over the world!

The club is hosted on Blogger, at the following URL: and there are two distinct groups active in it: one is The Vegan Recipe Club, gathering in a webring and a blog roll (more information about what these are on the site) blogs and websites presenting vegan recipes, nutrition information and all that relates to delicious cruelty free food.
The other is The Vegan Life Club, which is a collection of blogs and websites (also put into a webring and a blog roll) about what being vegan is all about: ethical issues, environmental friendly ideas as well as all your thoughts and experiencing on being vegan.

The site itself hosts both blog rolls and web rings and publishes daily articles, entries from participants blogs, interviews, recipes.

Well, the thing is we would love to have you on board! We are building both the webring and the blog roll and we are making the codes available to everyone. Basically, by joining your website or blog will be added to our directories and people displaying the roll on their webpage will have immediate access to your content (and they will also be instantly updated when you publish something new!).

It all sounds a bit complicated but I promise you it is very simple! And there are no obligations on your part at all.

For your information, we are not associated to any organization: we are just a group of vegan people, in love with this life choice, who would like to ease the diffusion of information, recipes and ideas about veganism, without wanting to be preachy.
It goes without saying that there is no membership fee to this club. No actually there is one: to be vegan in this world! A price you pay every day for choosing the compassionate way!

Please pay us a visit for more information about the club and how it works!

I if we convinced you, please reply to the email you have received stating that you would like to join in! If you are interested in re-publishing your most current entry here every now and then or submit original content, let us know! We would LOVE to have your voice on our page! Hope to receive your affirmative response very soon!

T.C. Vero' of The Vegan Club

Friday, May 26, 2006

Very temporary list of invited Partecipants

Do you need an invitation to join The Club?
Definitely NOT!

This list is just meant to get us started: we are invitings blogs/websites already known to us to join, but is far from an exclusive thing!

You have a site/blog and would like to jump onboard but you have not been invited? Our most sincere apologies! It just means we did not get to your website as of yet, but we definitely want you on board nevertheless!

We cannot stress this enough: INVITATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED!

On the other side, in order to improve our lists, if you are a member of the roll with a friend with a vegan blog, fell free to invite her/him over yourself!

Anybody can join! You just need to register!

Is there a price to pay for the membership to The Vegan Club?
Yes, there is: to be a vegan in this world. A price you pay every day and that fully cover your entrance in this virtual club.

These are some vegan blogs known to us we have invited to join the club (listed in NO particular order: as a matter of fact, feeling that alphabetical order was not what we wanted to do, we picked the names from a hat!). We are waiting for your blog as well! So, join in and keep it vegan!

The Vegan Recipe Club

The Vegan Life Club

As you can see, this list is still VERY uncomplete! It will grow with time, as we find some to do more research. We just want to get started at the moment and there are other aspects of the site we need to work on. Once again, sincere apologies to all the ones of you who got left out. Let me reassure you we definitely WANT you on our lists!

I actually would like to recommend all the ones of you who are not from English Speaking countries to join in! We definitely accept blogs/website wirtten in other languages!

What is a Web Ring and what is a Blog Roll?

Web rings and blog rolls are tools developed to facilitate online communities.
Basically is a list of links to all the pages of the members of the community.

You may have created your own blog roll and have it on your page. This is working in the same way, but it is public, the code can be pasted by anyone on their site.
If you do not have one and are not familiar with them. these are a few facts about them. The neat thing is that you do not need to go hunting (methaphorical sense only, people!) for vegan sites to add to your 'link' section and update it every now and then. The roll does all the job for you! Will this modify/cancel/prejudicate in any way your own Link section? Not at all! These two are not even related, even if they are both listing of links. And our roll will not even conflict with your own personal blog roll! You can display The Vegan Club rolls just as an addition to your site, not a substitution!

All you need to do (and this is ONLY if you wish to add the link list to your page, thing we do not require, unlike most other roll communities) is to copy a short code to your blog/website template. The roll will display itself from there AND will be updated automatically every time a new member gets onboard. So the only required steps for you are:
  1. register
  2. copy (once and for all, until you will decide to cancel it) the code to your page

Pretty easy, uh?

On top of this, we will provide you with instructions on how to insert the code. Believe me, you will be set in less than 2 minutes!

With the roll displayed on your page, every other member will be able to get to your page from their in no time and you will even be able to see when your favourite blog has recently been updated!

Honestly, it is harder to explain than to experience: no techinical skill is involved and if in need, we are here to help you!

Web rings works very much in the same way as blog rolls, but the difference is that they do not diplay the list of links: they are about 2 or three lines in lenght and they allow you to move from one site to another registered in the ring in a random fashion. It is all pretty neat!

Rolls and rings are great navigation tools and this will certain fit your vegan tastebuds! All so easily available at your finger tips!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Vegan Club

The Vegan Club is a meeting place for vegans active on the net, where to share recipes, ideas, product reviews, initiatives matching our vegan lifestyle and sensibility.

There are two vegan rolls (also know as web rings: you can read about what these are here) incorporated to our Club.
One is the Vegan Recipe Club, where some of the best vegan recipe websites and blogs are collected: watch out for some super delicious recipes!
The other is the Vegan Life Club, grouping together all those blogs and sites presenting and discussing the choices, environmental and moral commitments, products reviews of members of the worldwide vegan community.

This blog will host both rolls and it will present articles and recipes written by the willing ones of you specifically for the Club or taken from daily entries of both groups, to help built a community sense and to present us some new ideas and personality just landed on the vegan scene. But do not feel pressured: we do not require any commitment on your part! If you want to share some of your wisdom, that's great, but if you prefer reading over writing, that is just as great!

You can decide to join one or both of the rolls, if your blog/website applies to both cathegories: we would be jaded to have you on board! At the moment there is not set limit for the number of participants to our rolls and you are given full control over your participation to this site: if you do not want your entries to be re-published here, you can just specify that when you join and we will not use any of your content. Otherwise, we will give full credits (and a link back) to any participation.

If instead you do not want to be listed just as of yet, but still would like to display on your page our vegan directories, you can download the code(will be available soon), so to have super easy access at your favourite recipes and to know who has recently updated their list of entries!

At this stage, and likely forever, you do not need to display on your page our directories, even if that step is encouraged, to increase the coverage of our vegan spiderweb! Anyhow, it is really up to you: if you are afraid you will loose viewers, you can still participate to the roll without displaying it on yur site.

Please note that Vegetarians are welcomed! This site and its features are developed for vegans but if you do not eat meat, fish or seadfood (that is a PROPER vegetarian, not someone who just eat meat once a month and fish twice a week), you are free to join either of the rolls. Why? Because you, our vegetarian sisters and brothers, have guested the vegan community in countless forums, discussion boards and websites. And I feel this is my little contribution to a general payback.

Finally a word about the reasons behind this site: this space has not been created for commercial reasons or it is in any way related to a a registered organization. We are vegans ourselves who have seen many GREAT vegan websites and blogs who just would deserve a bit more exposure and to make those sites easier to access is our only goal. Period. The net is a great place where to spread our ideas and acting as a group should make it easier for others to access ach information about what being vegan is all about.

Ok, I think I have said it all. Now, to join The Vegan Club, all you have to do is to register!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Add the blog rolls to your page

Below you find the codes you need to copy paste on your template page to add the blog rolls to your own page. This is a convenient way to keep some of the best vegan blogs handy and the real advantage is any addition will be made to the list (as more and more great sites are discovered and added), the list you have on your page will automatically be updated and expanded: nothing you need to do. It is a once and for all procedure, or until when you want to display the roll on your website!

It is a straightforward procedure. Say you want to add the links above your Archive section: open the template page and find out where your archive section is in the hmtl code (an easy way to do so is by pressing Ctrl+F and write in "Archives"). The line above, you must simple code the code selected below and the blog roll will appear on your page. For any problem, contact us.

We would like to remind everyone that adding the blog rolls to your site is not mandatory at all: you can do so if you wish to keep these links handy, both if you are part of any of the Clubs or if you are not. It is a step we encourage to promote the creation of a vegan internet community, but we are not enforcing anything on anyone. It is your own choice!

These are the codes for The Vegan Recipe Club.

Listed below are the ways you can add your blogroll to your website. The most common way is through simple JavaScript (I suggest if you are not familiar with basic programming you try this first)and ranging to putting PHP code on your page. Please select the code for the method you wish to implement.

Most people use this method to put the blogrolls on their sites.

Copy and paste the code from the form field below into your blog where you want your blogroll to be.






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