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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Vegan Club

The Vegan Club is a meeting place for vegans active on the net, where to share recipes, ideas, product reviews, initiatives matching our vegan lifestyle and sensibility.

There are two vegan rolls (also know as web rings: you can read about what these are here) incorporated to our Club.
One is the Vegan Recipe Club, where some of the best vegan recipe websites and blogs are collected: watch out for some super delicious recipes!
The other is the Vegan Life Club, grouping together all those blogs and sites presenting and discussing the choices, environmental and moral commitments, products reviews of members of the worldwide vegan community.

This blog will host both rolls and it will present articles and recipes written by the willing ones of you specifically for the Club or taken from daily entries of both groups, to help built a community sense and to present us some new ideas and personality just landed on the vegan scene. But do not feel pressured: we do not require any commitment on your part! If you want to share some of your wisdom, that's great, but if you prefer reading over writing, that is just as great!

You can decide to join one or both of the rolls, if your blog/website applies to both cathegories: we would be jaded to have you on board! At the moment there is not set limit for the number of participants to our rolls and you are given full control over your participation to this site: if you do not want your entries to be re-published here, you can just specify that when you join and we will not use any of your content. Otherwise, we will give full credits (and a link back) to any participation.

If instead you do not want to be listed just as of yet, but still would like to display on your page our vegan directories, you can download the code(will be available soon), so to have super easy access at your favourite recipes and to know who has recently updated their list of entries!

At this stage, and likely forever, you do not need to display on your page our directories, even if that step is encouraged, to increase the coverage of our vegan spiderweb! Anyhow, it is really up to you: if you are afraid you will loose viewers, you can still participate to the roll without displaying it on yur site.

Please note that Vegetarians are welcomed! This site and its features are developed for vegans but if you do not eat meat, fish or seadfood (that is a PROPER vegetarian, not someone who just eat meat once a month and fish twice a week), you are free to join either of the rolls. Why? Because you, our vegetarian sisters and brothers, have guested the vegan community in countless forums, discussion boards and websites. And I feel this is my little contribution to a general payback.

Finally a word about the reasons behind this site: this space has not been created for commercial reasons or it is in any way related to a a registered organization. We are vegans ourselves who have seen many GREAT vegan websites and blogs who just would deserve a bit more exposure and to make those sites easier to access is our only goal. Period. The net is a great place where to spread our ideas and acting as a group should make it easier for others to access ach information about what being vegan is all about.

Ok, I think I have said it all. Now, to join The Vegan Club, all you have to do is to register!


Anonymous thinkvegan said...

I am a vegan from Spain (Madrid), and Iwan't to join the vegan club..How do I register?
great idea!

My blog: (English) (Spanish)

7:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for my daughter Jenny Graves. If you have any information please contact me at She's a member of The Vegan Club. I think she's in Ohio and I haven't seen or heard from her in 4 months. Any help would be appreciated.

4:51 pm  
Anonymous Harald Walker said...

How is the club going? No new posts since the end of september? R U alright?

12:18 am  
Blogger Jeena said...

Mmmm your recipes look delicous!
you have Great blog from Jeena :)

visit jeena's kitchen healthy recipe blog

3:20 pm  
Anonymous rebecca said...

What a FAB idea, having a vegan club blog, well done!

6:13 am  

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