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Friday, May 26, 2006

What is a Web Ring and what is a Blog Roll?

Web rings and blog rolls are tools developed to facilitate online communities.
Basically is a list of links to all the pages of the members of the community.

You may have created your own blog roll and have it on your page. This is working in the same way, but it is public, the code can be pasted by anyone on their site.
If you do not have one and are not familiar with them. these are a few facts about them. The neat thing is that you do not need to go hunting (methaphorical sense only, people!) for vegan sites to add to your 'link' section and update it every now and then. The roll does all the job for you! Will this modify/cancel/prejudicate in any way your own Link section? Not at all! These two are not even related, even if they are both listing of links. And our roll will not even conflict with your own personal blog roll! You can display The Vegan Club rolls just as an addition to your site, not a substitution!

All you need to do (and this is ONLY if you wish to add the link list to your page, thing we do not require, unlike most other roll communities) is to copy a short code to your blog/website template. The roll will display itself from there AND will be updated automatically every time a new member gets onboard. So the only required steps for you are:
  1. register
  2. copy (once and for all, until you will decide to cancel it) the code to your page

Pretty easy, uh?

On top of this, we will provide you with instructions on how to insert the code. Believe me, you will be set in less than 2 minutes!

With the roll displayed on your page, every other member will be able to get to your page from their in no time and you will even be able to see when your favourite blog has recently been updated!

Honestly, it is harder to explain than to experience: no techinical skill is involved and if in need, we are here to help you!

Web rings works very much in the same way as blog rolls, but the difference is that they do not diplay the list of links: they are about 2 or three lines in lenght and they allow you to move from one site to another registered in the ring in a random fashion. It is all pretty neat!

Rolls and rings are great navigation tools and this will certain fit your vegan tastebuds! All so easily available at your finger tips!


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