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Thursday, June 01, 2006

How to submit a recipe

The Vegan Club is looking for submissions!
We are trying to get as many vegan voices as possible in here and for this reason we would love to hear from you!

If there is a recipe you though to be particularly interesting/quick/valid/fit to a particular occasion, we would love if you could share it with us!
It is a great way to promote your blog, since we credit your work and link to your URL, and to let us know a bit more about yourself.

There are no real guidelines to post a recipe: we just ask you to submit to us your original, recent work, possibly together with a picture of the finished dish. And obviously to keep it vegan!

You can definitely have the same recipe as one of your recent entries of your own webpage: we will then repost your own work on The Vegan Club as well.

Please do not feel shy about something to us: no vegan food is not worth some extra exposure! Sure, there are some great vegan chefs out there, with delicious, elaborate recipes we would all love to try, but most of us are always looking for quick and easy options to fix ourself a meal, a sandwitch or a sweet treat. As you can imagine, nothing is not worth of publication!

To submit a recipe, email us at wild treehugger at yahoo dot com.

We are looking forward hearing from you!


Blogger Heather Z said...

I created a super yummy and totally easy-to-make pie (Banana Chocolate Coconut). Check out my blog for the details...

3:37 am  

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