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Friday, May 19, 2006

Add the blog rolls to your page

Below you find the codes you need to copy paste on your template page to add the blog rolls to your own page. This is a convenient way to keep some of the best vegan blogs handy and the real advantage is any addition will be made to the list (as more and more great sites are discovered and added), the list you have on your page will automatically be updated and expanded: nothing you need to do. It is a once and for all procedure, or until when you want to display the roll on your website!

It is a straightforward procedure. Say you want to add the links above your Archive section: open the template page and find out where your archive section is in the hmtl code (an easy way to do so is by pressing Ctrl+F and write in "Archives"). The line above, you must simple code the code selected below and the blog roll will appear on your page. For any problem, contact us.

We would like to remind everyone that adding the blog rolls to your site is not mandatory at all: you can do so if you wish to keep these links handy, both if you are part of any of the Clubs or if you are not. It is a step we encourage to promote the creation of a vegan internet community, but we are not enforcing anything on anyone. It is your own choice!

These are the codes for The Vegan Recipe Club.

Listed below are the ways you can add your blogroll to your website. The most common way is through simple JavaScript (I suggest if you are not familiar with basic programming you try this first)and ranging to putting PHP code on your page. Please select the code for the method you wish to implement.

Most people use this method to put the blogrolls on their sites.

Copy and paste the code from the form field below into your blog where you want your blogroll to be.


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