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Friday, May 26, 2006

Very temporary list of invited Partecipants

Do you need an invitation to join The Club?
Definitely NOT!

This list is just meant to get us started: we are invitings blogs/websites already known to us to join, but is far from an exclusive thing!

You have a site/blog and would like to jump onboard but you have not been invited? Our most sincere apologies! It just means we did not get to your website as of yet, but we definitely want you on board nevertheless!

We cannot stress this enough: INVITATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED!

On the other side, in order to improve our lists, if you are a member of the roll with a friend with a vegan blog, fell free to invite her/him over yourself!

Anybody can join! You just need to register!

Is there a price to pay for the membership to The Vegan Club?
Yes, there is: to be a vegan in this world. A price you pay every day and that fully cover your entrance in this virtual club.

These are some vegan blogs known to us we have invited to join the club (listed in NO particular order: as a matter of fact, feeling that alphabetical order was not what we wanted to do, we picked the names from a hat!). We are waiting for your blog as well! So, join in and keep it vegan!

The Vegan Recipe Club

The Vegan Life Club

As you can see, this list is still VERY uncomplete! It will grow with time, as we find some to do more research. We just want to get started at the moment and there are other aspects of the site we need to work on. Once again, sincere apologies to all the ones of you who got left out. Let me reassure you we definitely WANT you on our lists!

I actually would like to recommend all the ones of you who are not from English Speaking countries to join in! We definitely accept blogs/website wirtten in other languages!


Blogger Harmonia said...

Interesting place! :) Thanks for the link! Keep me posted on the progress of this project


8:49 pm  
Anonymous Broke Vegan said...

This is awesome!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this!!

11:57 pm  
Anonymous said...

hi ! i never received the email... is it too late to join ?

4:58 pm  

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