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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Annoucement, announcement! World Wide Recipe Contest!

Dear Venerable Vegan Readership, a few days ago I got this message in my inbox, promptly delivered and addressed to me by Jackie, of The Vegan Diet blog.
Take a moment to read! It is definitely worth!
Hi t.
Just thought I'd mention a competition which you might like to mention in your next Vegan Recipe Club posting. "Treasured Recipes Contest" is your chance to share a family recipe and win a $10,000 grand prize. If you've got a recipe that tastes delicious and expresses your family, culture (being vegan is an expression of culture!) , tradition (and tradition as well!) , or heritage (what about the new vegan offspring? they are all allowed to participate!) , now is the time to try turning that family favorite into cash. You have until November 8th, 2006 to enter the contest. When you submit your recipe, you will submit a story about what the recipe means to you. Is it the naan bread recipe that's been passed down through your family for generations? Is it that potato salad that you always bring to the family reunion? Is it the flourless chocolate cake over which your husband proposed to you? (Is that vegan cheesecake offered to you by your friend your first lesson that being vegan was not about deprivation?)
From all of the entries, judges will select the 100 semi-finalists, who will have their recipes posted on From November 15, 2006 to January 27, 2007 members will vote on their favorites from the 100 semi-finalists. The 5 finalists from the voting results will be flown to San Francisco, California, for a cook-off to determine the grand prize winner. All 5 finalists win a set of Hamilton Beach Eclectrics™
All-Metal Appliances, including a toaster, stand mixer, coffee maker,
drink mixer, and blender (approximate retail value $500).

I thought it would be great to see a few Vegan recipes entered by the
members. Membership there is Free and from time to time I have used
their recipes on my blog as they have a wonderful variety.
Best regards
Jackie is deadly right: first thing is that, statistically, at least a couple out of the 100 semi-finalist will be vegans, and a few more vegetarians. And secondly, this is a great way to allow people to read, learn and appreciate some cruelty-free recipes! And an opportunity to spread the word about tasty veganism!
On top of that, out of all the recipe entered by our club members, we will draw our own finalist here on The Vegan Club: I cannot offer a 10,000 dollars grand price, but some vegan goodie is guaranteed!
So if you submit a recipe to, please make sure to pass it onto us as well! It will also be the occasion to insert on a dedicate list of vegan recipes, since they do not have one yet.

And thanks a lot Jackie for pointing this out for us!


Anonymous cindy said...

Thanks for the post. I will be scouring through my recipes to see which one means the most to. Something like my first successful vegan recipe that all of my omni relatives were drooling over might be good.

2:38 am  
Blogger kleo2 said...

Super cool. Let's spread the vegan word around the world!!

8:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! I love it. Add more excellent vegan recipes to the Web for all to see!!

9:38 am  
Blogger Valentina said...

that's a great idea.. I'm going to think about something good! :)

5:05 pm  
Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Wow--this prize puts my $10 PETA gift certificate to shame.

Thanks for passing this on!

7:13 pm  
Blogger Virginie said...

Hi t. and the Vegan Club,
Good news for my coming back ! I thought I 'd never join to any contest as I dislike the competitive spirit. But once again, I'll make a step aside, if I get enough time...

3:49 pm  
Blogger Jackie said...

I am still trying to think which recipe I originated means the most to me. Most of the ones I really liked I found on the Net.

Like Cindy it will probably be one of my first Vegan recipes and one that everyone likes.

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Wajid said...

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3:46 pm  

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