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Monday, July 24, 2006

Vegan Heroes: Veggie Tales!

First thing rejoice! Veggie bandages do exhist (bandages with Tofutti Cuties not quite though...)! So if you really have the urge of donning some funky coverage for your cuts, you can show your veggie pride (now, whether these are vegan and not tested on animals, it is a totally different deal: any news on this front is appreciated).
Produced by Curad, these promises a smile on any kid (and most adults too!) face (just be careful they do not start to cut themselves intentionally!)!

But bandages are not the only merchandise related to these cute animated veggies! A little further research gave me more insights into what exactly Veggie Tales are....

Mind me, having passed that age, I am not (anymore) following what happens in the kid afternoon television timeframe... I have never heard of Veggie Tales before but they may be as well very well known to you... I just discovered them now: allow me to burst out with happiness!

These vegetables heroes were first born in 1993, an idea from animator and storyteller Phil Vischer, and have grown with time to become movie and video stars! But not your regular "consumerism and money is our drive" kind of movie stars!
Veggie Tales are pretty much the Pamela Anderson of animation! In the mission statement of the producing house, Big Idea, you can read grand ideas like these: "the irresponsible use of popular media (TV, film, music, etc.) has had a profoundly negative impact on America's moral and spiritual health. The same media, used responsibly, can have an equally positive impact. The best way to improve people's lives is to promote biblical values and encourage spiritual growth", "our Core Purpose is to markedly enhance the moral and spiritual fabric of our society through creative media", "most major media companies today name shareholder value or profitability as their top priority. At Big Idea, our priorities are: people first, products second, profits third. Profiting is like breathing. As humans, we must breathe to live, but we do not live to breathe. As a company, Big Idea must profit to exist, but we will not exist merely to profit. Achieving our goal of building a top four family media brand takes a tremendous amount of capital, but we will never sacrifice the needs of kids or of our employees simply to increase our wealth".
I am a fan already!!!

Veggie Tales are regularly appearing in videos (my favourite title is Veggie Tales - Lord of the Beans: you gotta love them!), have produced a number of hit children songs, can be played with in online games (all with a parents guide) and have released a first movie in 2002 (which I totally overlooked, it seems!). But the big news is the following!!! Another movie is being produced by Universal Picture and will be titled: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, to be released in 2008, starring Bob The Tomato and Larry The Cucumber! Almost too good to be true!

And now there is hardly a product you cannot find with Veggie Tales characters on it! From bible holders, to gardening gloves until veggie shaped plush toys: much better than those hideous fleece ham and steaks of a couple of posts back!

But are these really veggie heroes? Premised I am not familiar with the videos or the movie, I am pretty confident these little vegetables have some strong pro-vegan feelings, since in their An Easter Carol video the eggs involved are made of plastic (and the hens are robots!!!)!!! Super!
They may just not for everybody if the religious twist (which is not present in each episode) is not for you, but nevertheless most of their production and the merchandise seems safe and filled with positive values!

A new generation of veggie kids is just about to be born????
P.S. 1 - The lovely Virginie, of super cool gourmand blog Absolutely Green will be hosting a virtual vegan pic nic on August 2nd! Send in your vegan recipe, your food tradition, your favourite fdish, in any language you like! This is by far the freshest blogging idea seen in a while! Not to be missed!!!!

P.S. 2 - These veggies are cute but not enough Superman like to be called heroes? Next post will hit the spot!


Blogger Catherine said...

Hooray! Sure beats the bacon ones!

7:35 am  
Blogger Dori said...

Love the veggie tales. My son has Lord of the Beans. This movie is comical and can appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Thanks for the info with Virgine's picnic. Sounds like a grand idea! I'll be there. :)

2:27 pm  
Blogger Vicki said...

cute, eh? now here's something to cuddle up to. my kids are the age to know about veggie tales, but we don't do much tv, & have never seen it.

love the vegan pic nic idea ~ thanks for passing the word!

3:37 am  
Blogger Virginie said...

I hope they'll be on the french TV. It would change a bit.
Thank you Dori for your Potatoes Salad. I hope you'll with us Vicki.

12:27 am  

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