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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Furnishing the Club

You may be wondering what we are doing over here. Harrassing everybody to join a yet empty club and not publishing any content! Well, we promise you, we are working on it!

We are currently furnishing the club! Imagine a plush/lush private club with (cotton!) velvet on the walls, quiet and private. Well, that is what we are doing right now! We are inviting virtual club members and virtually furnishing the virtual space! In other words, we are fighting with the blog rolling code before making it public as we keep inviting people!
So many great blogs and sites out there!!! We got a much better response for The Vegan Recipe Club so far, but we have hopes to be able to publish The Vegan Life Club soon!

Anyhow, what will be in here anyway?
Furniture wise, so far we have just chosen the carpet.

Isn't it cool? It is a design by Jon Male, who was tired to see cow or zebra skins on the floors and though of creating this smart carpet recycling an old persian rug: the prefect mockery of a cruel concept! Exactly what we were looking for to furnish elegantly our club!

At least, if nothing else, we will be able to sit on virtual carpets rather than on virtual bare floors when at the club!

Virtual talking aside, check back here for our first contents. This is what we have lined up for you: a couple of interviews with a super cool veg*n Indian lady and with a vegan doctor (I cannot wait to ask her a thousand questions!), plus some recipes from 'the house' and your blogs. Plus a lot more we are just not disclosing yet!

And the tech guy is telling me soon we will have a button as well (what is a button ladies and gents? I am not totally sure!).

Ok, thank you for your patience and for joining in! We do hope you will enjoy the ride!


Blogger KleoPatra said...

I love the irreverance... great!

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